Has anyone out there ever been in a temporary rental property? Here's the dilemma. You know you're not staying for long, so to unpack all of your belongings just to pack them up again seems sort of pointless. At the same time, you want your place to feel like home. This is the dilemma I'm in this year and I wanted to share some of my tips and ideas with all of you.

I would also love to show you how much staging a property or area in your home can make a difference. If you're selling your home, staging it can mean more money in your pocket - thousands more! It's very hard for most people to visualize the potential a space may have if you don't show them.

Now back to the rental...Our growing family is in the process of building a home from scratch.

In the meantime I'm trying to make our rental property feel like home as much as I can. Our landlord agreed to get rid of the weeds in the backyard and put in a basic patio so the backyard is useable.


So here is what we were left with. All of the weeds were removed and a simple square patio replaced them. Rocks were used to fill all other areas of the backyard.

Tip: If you're planning on owning rental properties yourself, It's worth the investment to get rid of all of the grass in the backyard. Most of the time the yard isn't taken care of and you're left with a big mess. We did this with the last rental property we owned and it was a big time/money saver when the tenants left and we sold it.



So here's where the magic happens. Without much of an investment I was able to transform the backyard into a space that is cozy and perfect for a little bit of entertaining. I used a lot of items I already owned and bought a throw blanket and a lantern.

I started by adding a large umbrella and patio furniture. Outdoor rugs are a great trick to hide patio stones that are really basic. When you have a lot of stone or concrete in an outdoor space it's also really important to add greenery. If you're in a rental, large planters are a great investment because you can take them with you.

As a professional stager, I highly recommend staging your properties before selling them. As mentioned before it makes a world of difference. Staged properties will sell faster at higher price points. From experience, a lot of buyers can't see past the paint colour on the walls. I'm always here to help you stage your properties but if you're making a few changes on your own, try to stick with neutral colours that will appeal to a large audience.

VOILA! Check out the pictures of our rental backyard AFTER staging. Would you agree it makes a big difference?

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As always I would love to hear about your upcoming projects. Get in touch with me if you need any help.

Time for a cocktail,

The Home Stylist.

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